Green Swamp Sport Klassic 2022


Our Mission: To provide an Educational Mentored Race-to-Goal Event that’s fun and rewarding.

Objective: To enable a pilot to successfully prepare for flying in a competitive environment and foster XC skills.


We are a USHPA Accredited Competition Event (ACE). However; This is not a sanctioned event where national team competition points are awarded. We strive to provide a developmental fun competition training event with a race to goal format. In general, this event promotes:

• Safety
• Community
• Positive public image
• Pilot engagement
• Diversity of participants
• Growth of the sports
• Fun and skill development.

This is a Sport Class only event. There will be advanced pilot mentors to help with small groups of pilots.

Prerequisites for Entry:
Minimum requirements for mentees, or equivalent for other countries.
USHPA ratings: H3, AT, XC, TUR, & RLF
H3= Intermediate
AT= Aero Tow (you may be able to get your aerotow rating prior to the event or early morning. Pre-arrange with an instructor. Contact Paradise Air Sports)
XC= Cross Country
TUR= Turbulence
RLF= Restricted Landing Field

Registration Fee for Mentees: $350 USD
Tow Fees: $420
No Registration Fee for Mentors.
Maximum Number of Mentees: 30 plus 10 Mentors
Mentees, please register online as “Class 1 Sport”
Mentors, please register online as “Class 1”
Practice Day Tow Fees: $30 (Please prepay for tow tickets at the main office)


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